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Sweet buffet weddings

What Is A sweet Display?

It is an elegant beautiful table filled with exciting sweets, cakes, biscuits and treats.

What occasions can a Sweet Display be used?

A multitude, the most popular is weddings and bar mitzvahs but we have had bookings for baby showers, birthday parties, corporate events, funerals and hen nights.

What Sizes do the tables come in?

The smallest table is 5ft trestle table this will cator for up to 150 guests

Medium/Large is the 6ft Trestle table which will cator for 150-300 guests

Larger parties than this will have two tables or stations around the party!

What is behind the Sweet Display?

We have a special star cloth that elegantly acts as a backdrop for the sweet display to add an extra sparkle and glamour to the table- our sweetie tables are OTT and our brides/clients love it!

Can I pick the sweets?

Absolutely- our website is different from others- we want it to be as interactive as possible- select the sweets you want for your buffet or choose the colour and add all of the sweets!

We have tried to sort each sweet by colour so you can select and add them to the basket!

Shopping for sweets has never been so much fun.